Sunday, June 20, 2010

#43 Learn to shoot dh's pistol

I'm not a huge fan of guns and have never really been around them all that much. Dh on the other hand has been around them for years. He was a sniper in the military and now carries a pistol for his new job. He's also expressed that guns are not dangerous, it's people not having the proper knowledge and respect for a weapon that makes them so dangerous. We've both been wanting me to learn how to shoot his pistol for some time, but it's just always fallen on the back burner.
Well we took advantage of our Texas vacation and dude ranch experience to get that training in. Dh and I (along with his parents) headed to a shooting range where dh gave his mom and I some instruction on it. I was pretty nervous, with all these worst case scenarios going through my head. With a little help from Rick I was soon ready to shoot. His pistol has a large grip, and with my tiny hands that wasn't the best combination, at least where my comfort was concerned. But surprisingly I did incredibly well. We shot from 25 yards and I managed to get most of my shots all within the "bulls eye". It was the best feeling, especially knowing how impressed and proud Rick was with me. I still may not be the most comfortable around guns, but who knew I was a natural shot?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Late but worth the wait-May's Us photo

Totally worth being late since this photo was taken while we were on our awesome Texas vacation. This pic is from our overnight stay in San Antonio on Memorial Day and is from the little riverboat tour. Such fun!