Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Project...

So the idea of a 101 in 1,001 days blog isn't a totally new idea to me, as I already have my book project, which was to read a 101 books in 1,001 days (almost done!). But I've seen a lot of people with a list of 101 different goals, activites, etc. and I thought why not? This isn't by any means my bucket list, as I've never really thought of any huge life goals other than the obvious love, family, and travel. To me this is more of a really fun to do list for the next 1,001 days.

So here it list!
(Note: Items in italics are in progress, items in RED are complete)

Food Is Yummy!
1. Try 15 new recipes (11/15)
2. Try 10 new restaurants (6/10)
3. Buy a bottle of wine that is over $20
4. Go wine tasting
5. Take a cooking class
6. Try 5 new dishes at a restaurant (0/5)
7. Learn to make a yummy mixed drink
8. Bake a cake from scratch
9. Take a cake decorating class

Travel & The Great Outdoors
10. Visit 3 CA Missions (1/3)
11. Do 5 tourist activities in my own city (3/5)
12. Go to a new museum
13. Go camping
14. Go on 10 hiking day trips (2/10)
15. Stay at a bed and breakfast
16. Visit the Grand Canyon
17. Watch a meteor shower
18. Go ice skating
19. Go to a rollerskate rink
20. Fly a kite
21. Visit the CA state capital

For The Love Of Books
22. Read the Harry Potter series (7/7)
23. Read 5 relationship books (0/5)
24. Read 5 religious/spiritual/inspirational books (0/5)
25. Read 5 self improvement books (0/5)
26. Beat my NBC challenge score
27. Read the Sookie Stackhouse series (10/10)
28. Finish the Eragon series (3/4)
29. Finish the Wicked series (1/3)
30. Read TCOYF
31. Go to a book signing

Health & Fitness
32. Get a bike
33. Play tennis 1x a week for a month (4/4)
34. Go to yoga 1x a week for a month (4/4)
35. Try the cycling class at the gym
36. Participate in a 5k for charity
37. Take a self defense class
38. Buy Wii fit
39. Do the 30 day shred (14/30)
40. Get acupuncture

For My Handsome Hubby
41. Kiss in the rain
42. Learn more about dh's church
43. Learn how to shoot dh's pistol
44. Take an "us" picture every month (20/32)
45. Go fishing with dh
46. Play Texas hold em at the casino with dh
47. Have professional photos taken of us
48. Wear my 3 inch heels (instead of flip flops) on a date with dh
49. Bake cookies for dh to take to work 3x (3/3)
50. Learn to drive dh's truck
51. Buy a couples devotional

Grown Up Stuff
52. Match 50% of my current savings and put it into savings
53. Go through closet and organize, donate old items to charity
54. Fill digital picture frame
55. Order and organize photos
56. Create wedding album
57. Scrapbook at least 2 albums (0/2)
58. Check credit report
59. Organize recipes
60. Buy a bedroom set!!!
61. Unpack the last of my boxes
62. Get oven fixed!!!
63. Update passport

Giving Back
64. Leave $10 for someone to find
65. Leave a 50% tip
66. Donate $5 to charity for every item on the list that is not completed
67. Volunteer with an organization
68. Send a care package to a soldier

Friends & Loved Ones
69. Do something random and unexpected for Mom
70. Do something random and unexpected for MIL
71. Call a friend to catch up 1x a month (21/32)
72. Go on a "date" with a friend 1x a month (21/32)
73. Send 20 cards/postcards to friends (3/20)
74. Have friends over for a dinner party 3x (1/3)

For My Mind
75. Take a bowling class at the community college
76. Learn to crochet or knit
77. Learn to sew or quilt
78. Learn all of the state capitals
79. Join a book club
80. Attend 3 church functions (0/3)
81. Win at scrabble
82. Participate in NaNo
83. Complete 1,000 piece puzzle
84. Learn to shuffle a deck of cards
85. Take history of rock and roll

86. Get pro status on Wii bowling
87. Get Darkemoon and Glittermoon up to lvl 80
88. Frame my Bayside t-shirt
89. Go to a drive in movie
90. See a movie alone
91. Use sparklers for the first time
92. Go to a Charger game
93. Buy a cd without ever hearing any of the songs
94. Watch 5 chick flicks I've never seen before (1/5)

Just For Fun
95. Do something drastic with my hair
96. Buy a pair of Uggs
97. Buy a pair of jeans over $100
98. Buy a purse over $100
99. Buy a pair of coach sunglasses

For The Project
100. Encourage someone else to start the project
101. Celebrate accomplishments on 1,001st day!!!


  1. WooWieeeeee.......Niceeeeeee, Glasses!! Mmmm, going to have to follow in your footsteps. NoT only are you beautiful,,but you are also very smart!!!

  2. I like this. I think I am going to start a list of my own.

  3. Great list, and really making great headway! I'll be following you, as I do mine! I just started. :)